Friday, March 29, 2013


Do not eat!

This is how to make Crayon Muffins!
Here's what you need!


First thing you need to do is gather a bunch of crayons. 
Then peel off the paper.

Next you break the crayons into three or four pieces.
Then you put the broken crayons into the muffin tin.

After that put the crayons into the oven for ten to fifteen minutes .

When their done the colors are mixed together!
I think it's pretty cool!

Let them get solid.
This might take a while so be patient.
But it is worth it!
When their done carefully peel off the cupcake liners.

The next thing you GET to do is DRAW!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Wonder

I Wonder

I wonder what would happen if the world didn't go round.

I wonder what would happen if my house fell down

I wonder if I could explode from to much food. 

I wonder what would happen if I was never bad and only good.

I wonder what would happen if I spent my last dime.

I wonder what would happen if I couldn't think of another rhyme. 

I wonder if I'll ever get the answers to these questions.

I wonder about a bunch of things.

Some are useful some are not.

I wonder what would happen if I clicked the publish button.



Fall is coming 

Fall is here.

Next comes winter

It's growing near.

The wind blows

The leaves change.

Red, Orange,Yellow,Brown.

When I see these colors .
I don't want to frown

The birds fly south

The animals sleep.

The water is cold

The fish have gone deep.