Monday, September 30, 2013


I had a really fun time at the zoo I went to! This is a girl telling us about a Ball Python! I wouldn't want it wrapped around my arm though. 

 This is some kind of giant Centipede I think. It's skin is a lot like our finger nails. 
 These are so cute! They're Meerkats! The one laying down looks super lazy. The one looking up just looks adorable!  
 These are some Blue and Golden Macaws (Or at least Tyler says so but he usually is right when it comes to animals). They're really pretty and colorful!

 These are Penguins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think they are so cute!

THESE ARE THE RARE AND ALMOST EXTINCT RED PANDAS! You might think they don't look like Pandas but Pandas are related to raccoons and these look a lot more like raccoons then Pandas but they're called Red Pandas!  



Grandma Shelly said...

What a cool blog! I laughed when I saw the Meerkats, did you remember that is what Timon (or however you spell his name), on the Lion King was? And the Red Pandas, you're right, they look like a large Racoon. It looks like you had great weather too. I look forward to seeing more of your blog. Love you sweetie, Grandma Shelly

Bro. Heath said...

Good writing. I notice you didn't mention how bad the bird house smelled and how you had to give a fake smile during the gags!

Tyler Tibbetts said...

I want a pet ball python that would be awesome! Tyler